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February 11, 2019 at 4:00 pm.
Presented by Holly Duckworth and Eric Szymanski There are good days in sales, and there are challenging days. It’s an everyday journey.  The stress of living and selling yourself as a speaker today requires us to have focus and stress reduction techniques while selling.  You have to look at your speaking business mindset and the sales process in a different way. In this keynote, you will learn many tools available so you intentionally create more good sales days than bad. It’s a choice to be in the moment and look at life positively. To reframe the challenging days and renew.  As a result of this session, you will make a commitment to being your most empowered and confident self while selling your unique message. Key Takeaways: * Identify the difference between meditation and mindfulness * Learn what research shows about how stress reduction increases your focus and close rate * Choose one applied mindfulness technique you can use to increase the pride in what you do for a living * Experience applied mindfulness you can do at your desk, in your car, everywhere you go to elevate your overall sales success
Event 1
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