Content Writing Services

SEO Content WritingAs a small business owner in Hawaii, I understand how fierce the competition can be.  It is extremely important to differentiate yourself from your competitors, even if you run a very similar business.  If you aren’t sure what makes you special, neither will your customers! Getting a website online with poorly written content or content “borrowed” from your competitors is really doing your business a disservice.  Potential customers are coming to your website looking for a reason to hire you.  I can work with you to write content that will help you connect with your visitors, and stand out from your competition.

Throughout my career, I have noticed that many of my clients offer valuable services, but they don’t know how to make themselves stand out from the competition.  When working on writing your website content, I will  learn about your business, your process and your competition.  This will help inspire me to write content for your company that will highlight the selling points of your services or products.  I will also present this content in a meaningful way that will blow your competition away!

Content Writing Benefits

Save Yourself Some Time

You may be eager to get your website up quickly, but that doesn’t mean your content has to suffer.  I can provide content writing services along with website development to be completed by your target launch date.  Instead of focusing on writing content for your website, you can focus on running and promoting your business!

Improve Your Search Rankings

Not only will I save you time and help differentiate your company from the competition, I will also optimize your content for SEO purposes.  This includes writing keyword rich content and making sure the website has enough keywords.  Generally, the more informative content you have on your website, the better your website will rank in the search engines.

Our content writing services are flexible.  I can write as few or as many pages as you need.  I can also edit content you may already have written.  For a content writing quote, please visit my request a quote page or send me an email with your needs.

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What a great day! Always good when a client takes the time to tell you what a great job you did!  Also got a really cool notification from Yelp!



Gary was professional and easy to work with.  He took our design ideas to the next level, made welcomed suggestions and recommendations regularly, and was particularly helpful when it came to choosing…