About Us

We create remarkable, business-driven websites for businesses in Hawaii

You might be great at what you do, but your website could be holding your company back??

It can be difficult to create a cohesive plan for your website, eCommerce store or mailing list, especially if you haven’t had positive experiences working with one or more web designers in the past.

We have our own  unique approach, so that our clients walk away happy with a website that meets their needs. We combine our business acumen, eye for graphic design, and expertise in digital marketing to create websites that work well for a diverse portfolio of clients. Hands-on research and decades of knowledge about building websites gives us the ability to build and design in a way that won’t disappoint. On multiple occasions, our clients have asked us back to work on other websites and are enthusiastic about recommending us to their friends.

“Gary Wells has it all – a fantastic website coder with business skills, marketing savvy, and creative insight. The website he created for me works perfectly and I HAVE hired him again and again and again!” Edgy Lee

We build websites that work well for many purposes.

  • Start a new business, product or service
  • Create an online presence to connect with your audience
  • Fine-tune your online presence across multiple platforms
  • Build a community of brand ambassadors who share your content and generate new email signups
  • Build a space that holds your personal portfolio, so that you can build authority in your industry

We bring years of experience to every project that we’re working on, which allows us to build websites for some of the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs, business owners, and technology companies.

Our dynamic team combines structurally sound engineering and innovative design to create websites that result in measurable impacts on the bottom line. We’ve worked with professionals from a diverse range of industries, including small businesses, technology, food, and nonprofit organizations to establish an online presence.

We create unique solutions for each one of our clients. Our team takes time to get to know the personality of the business, from the brand voice to the selected audience. This information helps us shape the website around a brand’s needs using a keen understanding of what will resonate with its audience.

“Beautiful work and always on time for everything a business professional could need! Gary is super easy to work with, which is not always easy to find with designers. He really wants to make sure your vision is what he gives you… but better!” Bryanna F.

“Gary is the guy in charge at Webmaster Services Hawaii, and it’s easy to tell why.  He’s talented, professional, quick on his feet, and willing to work with you every step of the way.  He met with me personally to discuss his initial ideas, and from that meeting, came up with a design that matched everything I wanted–and then some.  His web design was classy and fun.” Mike Dewa

When you’re working with our team, you’ll find helpful, go-to people who are skilled in strategy, design, and website development. We are especially good at putting together custom WordPress websites that make your brand feel at home on the web. We’re happy to take care of all the nerdy stuff, like finding a site host, organizing the site structure, publishing content, and acquiring new email sign-ups.

  • Molokai Ranch
  • Orange Roc
  • Retina Institute of Hawai’i
  • Pacific Network
  • Tour Tech
  • Hula Girl Foods
  • Trum Partners
  • Peak Beings
  • Filmworks Pacific

“Working with Webmaster Services Hawaii was a pleasure. They were fast, efficient and reliable from the start to the finish of my website. My website turned out absolutely beautiful and I am thrilled with the functionality and appearance.  Gary was always available to walk me through the e-commerce portions and answer my questions.” Tammie Carpenter