Vision And Mission

Speakers Association of Hawaii mission is to advance the Art, Business, and Craft of professional speaking.

History Of Organization

The Speakers Association of Hawaii (SAH) was founded in 2001 by local members of the National Speakers Association (NSA). Though never officially connected with NSA, SAH was founded on the same ABCs principles  – the Art, the Business, and the Craft  of public speaking. NSA’s founder, Cavett Robert, believed that when speakers supported and taught each other, we would create a bigger speaking pie and all to benefit.

Through the years, SAH has attracted top speakers from the mainland to its meetings, including Ed Rigsbee, Randy Gage, Allen Klien, Grady Jim Robinson, and Holly Duckworth. Many of Hawaii’s notable speakers to include our members have
shared their expertise with our audience.
From its humble beginnings, Speakers Association of Hawaii continues to follow its mission in supporting the
community of speakers by providing. 

Current Leadership Team

Whether you’re a business, association, organization, or individual having an event, training session, conference or meeting booked in Hawaii or elsewhere, you’ve come to the right place to find the best speakers!

Inoue, Alice

Award-winning columnist and author Alice Inoue inspires purpose and mindful focus to life and work. She is Hawaii’s thought leader and celebrated 

Owens, Jeffrey B., CTM

Lessons from the Real World is what retired Honolulu Police Major and Hostage Negotiator Jeff Owens brings to your audience. A recognized 

Sahtouris, Elisabet

Elisabet Sahtouris, M.S., Ph.D is an evolution biologist, futurist, professor, speaker, author and sustainability consultant to businesses, 

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